Social Media Optimization (SMO) SMO strategy is important now more than ever. And whether you need to establish your presence or optimize what you already have in place, we're here to help! SRQdigital - Sarasota Web Design and Digital Optimization Get Started

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

We think it’s safe to say, Social Media is here to stay.  SMO is the process of actively, and proactively leveraging your Social Media footprint to perform powerful target marketing, support customers, and increase revenue.  Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where you focus on searches to attract customers, SMO focuses on improving your Social Media profiles.

SRQdigital - Sarasota Social Media Optimization
SRQdigital - Social Media Optimization

Creating Social Media Accounts is Just the Beginning

Securing your Social Media accounts is the easy part, and you’ve probably already done that.  If not, we’ll start there and help you establish your presence the right way.  And so great, your presence is established – but now what?

SRQ Web Solutions will help take your company or organization’s Social Media presence to the next level.  We study the statistics, understand the platforms algorithms, and research best practices so you don’t have to!

Sounds good, how does it work?

As we say, it always starts with a conversation!  Everyone’s needs are different, and we’re not here to recommend anything until we agree on what makes sense for you.

Our below 5-step process is here to help:

  • Define the desired outcome
  • Outline a Plan
  • Build out your Social Media presence
  • Integrate your Website
  • Turn the Digital Engine on
SRQdigital - Social Media Optimization

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