Website Security Website security isn't to be taken lightly, especially if you're exchanging any information online. Not to mention user and other website SPAM is a royal nuisance! We can help. SQRdigital - Website Security Get Started

Website Security

Website security isn’t to be taken lightly.  With ever growing threats and tightening legislation, you’re site security posture needs to be strong.  And if you think your little ‘ol site doesn’t need to worry about it, you may be surprised.  Security breaches, SPAM, Malware and so on affect everything from website speed and responsiveness to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to perception of your company.

SRQdigital - Sarasota Website Security
SRQdigital - Sarasota Website Security

Secure Connections

Depending on what your website is for, a Secure Connection via an SSL Certificate may be advisable, or even required.  For example if you plan to introduce eCommerce or online shopping, your payment facilitator will typically require SSL.  And if not, you’ll probably lose some shoppers when they don’t see the “lock”, or get a message letting them know they’re not on a secure connection.  We can help.

Changing Legislation

Protection of customer information is top-of-mind for regulators around the United States.  California’s Consumer Protection Act set the stage, and more states are expected to implement their own soon.  Simply put, if you are selling to or collecting information from people in any of these states then you’ll need to check a couple of boxes in the security column.  We’re well-versed here, and can help.

SRQdigital - Sarasota Website Security
SRQdigital - Sarasota Website Security

All the Other Stuff

A lot of the times the issues we see are more of just a nuisance, but have their effects.  For example comment SPAM, fake registrations, or maliciously installed code may not adversely affect the functionality or access to your website.  But they can significantly slow your site down, harm your SEO strategy, and ultimately send your prospects or customers elsewhere.

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